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You have the ability to fake it yet make it real. Act on it.

You can lose yourself in a role. You embody your character and therefore have so many different experiences that it is difficult to find someone who relates to you. Not everyone gets 'acting'. For those of us who are lucky enough to do it, it is a passion that can not be ignored. We are willing to starve for our craft if necessary. Of course, starving actors have a hard time scraping money together for food, let alone dating. You need to find someone who not only understands why you do what you do, but who also wants to do it with you. :) Join the Actor dating community and find singles with your same passion for plays, acting, theater and the like. You may feel a bit awkward on those boring dating sites that just don't understand you. We say, "Stop using generic dating sites!" With the Actor dating community, you can have fun sharing photos and stories from your different gigs and when you are ready, hook up for some private acting lessons. After you've found someone that strokes your ego and you've made it to Broadway, do us a favor and remember us!

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