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After gazing into the starry eyes of your 'out of this world' date you'll find yourself naming a star after...! :)

There is so much beauty in the stars. Your passion is to study celestial objects, like the stars, planets, galaxies and phenomena that occurs in space. There is so much that is unknown and unexplored in space and you do your part by continuing to study the night sky. You are an astronomer, either by profession or as an amateur, and you love exploring the mysteries of space. Now you are looking for a love that can transcend the heavens. Join the Astronomer dating community and meet other stargazers who are temporarily taking their heads out of the clouds to find someone just like you. Have fun sharing stories and photos of some of the amazing things you have seen in the sky, then get together and do a little gazing at each other. Don't use those generic dating sites. The Astronomer dating community is your place to connect, share and explore with other astronomy-loving singles.

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