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Being a Christian is not about having a specific religion. It is about having a relationship with Christ and you take your commitment seriously. Your commitment goes well beyond the regular Christian and you want to find someone willing to walk with you on your adventure with Christ. Attending church services doesn't cut it for you. You help run the church! You are an empty vessel for God and even though you are in this world you are not of this world. Of course, your intense devotion to the church can make dating difficult. When it comes to Christian Dating, you may feel you have a hard time finding the right person. Besides church, where do you go to meet Christian Singles? Join the Christian Dating Community to meet other Christians with your zeal for Christ. Have fun sharing photos and stories with other Christian singles and when you are ready, get together for a Bible study or a church function. Avoid those generic dating sites that don't understand your core beliefs or, worse yet, mock them. The Christian Dating Community is your place to connect, share and grow with true Christians. Whether you call yourself a 'Jesus Freak' or just a humble and devoted Christian you belong in this community of Christian Singles searching for your Christian mate.

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