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You might say, "appearance ain't nothin'." It's all about your heart and soul. So slip on your boots, let's do the Electric Slide.

You crave wide open spaces and down home country cookin'. Nothing is more soothing than staring up at a star-filled sky and only hearing the sounds of crickets chirping in the distance. You are country, through and through, and you are looking for someone with which to ride off into the sunset. Join the Country Folk dating community where you can send messages, show off your finest pair of boots through photos and get together with that special cowboy or cowgirl of your dreams. City-slicker dating sites can't cater to those who are country at heart because they don't weed out for you those who prefer the concrete jungle over pure country living. But the Country Folk dating community is made up of cowboys and cowgirls who are looking for the same things you are. So saddle up! The Country Folk dating community is waitin' fer ya.

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