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Must love dogs! Find someone that loves dogs just as much as you. Your dogs are your children and you don't want another "It's me or the dog!" breakup.

Your dog is so much more than a pet. He or she is your furry child...your baby. Your dog is there to lavish love and affection on you; provide you comfort and companionship. They are loyal and protecting and it is no wonder, with unconditional love like that, that dog lovers tend to live longer than those who refuse to open their hearts to the love of a great canine. You lavish attention and gifts upon your dog as they are important to you. And it is extremely important that the person who you choose to spend quality time with, has room in their heart for your pet as well. You are looking for a Dog Lover and the best place to find one is by joining the Dog Lover dating community. It is here, in the Dog Lover dating community that you can share photos and stories of your beloved canine and then, when you are ready, hook up with that special someone for a day at the dog park. Generic dating sites don't take into account how important your puppy is to you and therefore can't match you with others who feel the same way. But the Dog Lover dating community is your place to connect, share and ultimately find your own brand of puppy love with other dog loving singles.

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