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Find a partner that appreciates attention to detail regarding music and recordings. The highest quality mp3 just won't cut it.

Music, in its purest form, reaches down and touches your soul. You crave the warm, full sounds that only vinyl or super audio cds can produce. Listening to music on mp3s or regular cds produce flat, tinny, lifeless sounds. To fully understand what the artist intended in their music, you demand a higher quality. Your stereo system represents your passion for music and you feel that the impurities present in vinyl are necessary as they give the listener a richer, more real world experience. Meeting others who share your passion is difficult to do so. You won't find them clubbing, allowing the high decibel blasting of "music" to damage their ear drums. But you can find them inside the Music Lover dating community. The Music Lover dating community is dedicated to music preservationists like you. It is here where you can post photos of your audio temple and share your thoughts on vinyl superiority, then get together for a night of pure musical enjoyment. Don't use those generic dating sites that aren't capable of recognizing the uniqueness of Music Lovers like yourself. To them, everyone is a $10.00 pair of earbuds. But the Music Lover dating community is your place to connect, share and grow your love of music purity with other Music Lover singles.

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